We address the core thinking and language processes so learning can be approached with curiosity and confidence.


FRL recommends Learning Plans based on each individual’s learning strengths and weaknesses.  The goal of the plan is to build the underdeveloped processing skills and apply them to daily learning and thinking tasks. 

We may recommend a plan in one of the following areas:

Educational Therapy

What is Educational Therapy?:   Educational Therapy is an intensive educational intervention that goes beyond traditional tutoring. Educational Therapists provide educational and therapeutic approaches to develop and apply the learning process.  FRL provides Educational Therapy to individuals with diagnoses including: Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability, and other specific processing disorders.

How is an Educational Therapy Plan implemented?:  We administer process-based, structured and systematic therapy in one-to-one sessions.  We assume nothing.  The foundational skills are trained or re-trained and built upon.

For more information on Educational Therapy, click here!

Academic Coaching

     Many individuals have the core learning skills needed for reading and comprehension, however they struggle to apply their skills.  They may have difficulty with organization, note-taking, and test preparation.  Academic Coaching is implemented in one-to-one sessions.  We mentor individuals in organizing work and social activities to see the “big picture” of their time commitments.

For more information on Academic Coaching, click here!


We have staff that can provide support for basic math, pre-Algebra & Algebra.


Putting thoughts to paper can be a daunting task for individuals of all ages.  At FRL, we specialize in demystifying the writing process.  With a structured, organized process individuals can focus on their ideas and vocabulary and create strong paragraphs and essays.

Little Learner's Club

Rhyming, sound identification, and memorization are important indicators of reading readiness.  Through play-based activities, these specific pre-reading processing skills can be developed and strengthened.  All youngsters can benefit from pre-reading activities and fun!

Home Schooling

We can assist home school families implement curriculum and address core processing needs in the areas of reading, spelling, math, comprehension, and writing.

Distance Learning

FRL provides services to students out of the area.  Please contact us to determine if this is an option for your family

Parent Involvement

At FRL we believe in a “Team” approach.  We inform parents of progress and provide updates that may be shared with teachers and other “team” members.

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